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His Year in Review

We've decided to begin a tradition: write a new vow to each other every anniversary and read it to the other in front of God. Here's my husband's.


Dear Deanne,

It has been a year since I read my first vows in front of hundreds of our loved ones and friends. Upon read it again, I was so surprised at how I could write words so inspiring, which serves as a reminder for me to fight the good fight, even when every bone in my body tells me otherwise. I do it because I love you, I love you as how Christ loves the Church.

I know that I have been weak at times,  enough to disappoint you on what marriage is all about. At those moments, I do wish I hadn't written my first vows in the way that I did as I have given myself a high standard. But I would be untrue to myself if I didn't. I would have not given you my whole heart and soul, which isn't fair because you have given me yours, and I feel that everyday. Therefore, I vow to make marriage life a dream come true for you. A marriage that you can be proud of and are willing to share to others...

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Her Year in Review

We've decided to begin a tradition: write a new vow to each other every anniversary and read it to the other in front of God. Here's mine.


I remember the day in fragmented, fleeting moments. We were wide-eyed newlyweds basking in the glory of the beautiful sacrament. You in a handsome, tailored suit; me in a lacey, immaculate gown. Us in the center of our circle of family and friends, receiving wishes enough to last a lifetime. A bride and a groom celebrating, dancing, making merry. 

And a year after, here we are: Stripped off the adornment, decoration, and finery characteristic of a wedding day. Removed from the fanciful dreams and delights painted by half-truths. Handed reality, rawness, and vulnerability on a not-so-silver plate. Outsiders will say, ‘What despair!’ But marked with my own blood, I say, ‘What peace!’ ...

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The Waiting Game

My monthly visitor hadn't arrived. In a marriage, that's considered as a possibility of something remarkable about to happen. Eager to confirm it, I ran to the drug store and bought the test. I waited, waited, and waited, with bated breath. One line. Maybe it needs more time, I thought. Ten minutes later, one line still. Nothing. Once again. 

A few days after, the monthly visitor welcomed itself where it wasn't welcome at all. 

I asked myself, What did we do wrong? Did we miss a day? Was I mistaken in plotting? Didn't we pray enough?  A barrage of questions. I told myself, This calendar method doesn't even work. The ovulation calculator lied to me. Being irregular is frustrating, an inconvenience. This is downright unfair. A swirl of thoughts... 

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Wife to Husband

         At this moment, I can’t help but look back at the past years and breathe a sigh of relief because in you, I have finally found my home. All the 10,000 little things I had to go through have been culminated in that very moment the church doors opened for me to make my walk towards you, my beloved one, my chosen one, hand in hand with Mary and Christ...

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