His Year in Review

We've decided to begin a tradition: write a new vow to each other every anniversary and read it to the other in front of God. Here's my husband's.


Dear Deanne,

It has been a year since I read my first vows in front of hundreds of our loved ones and friends. Upon reading it again, I was so surprised at how I could write words so inspiring, which serves as a reminder for me to fight the good fight even when every bone in my body tells me otherwise. I do it because I love you, I love you as how Christ loves the Church.

I know that I have been weak at times,  enough to disappoint you on what marriage is all about. At those moments, I do wish I hadn't written my first vows in the way that I did as I have given myself a high standard. But I would be untrue to myself if I didn't. I would have not given you my whole heart and soul, which isn't fair because you have given me yours, and I feel that everyday. Therefore, I vow to make marriage life a dream come true for you. A marriage that you can be proud of and are willing to share to others.

I remember when Fr. Gay told me, and I also read from Blessed Fulton Sheen, that the first 2 years is the honeymoon stage and then after that, the real marriage begins. Baby, we're in our 1st year - supposedly halfway through the honeymoon stage - and I promise you not to worry. I know it will get harder but I vow to always love you stronger than whatever life throws at us.

I vow to keep you secure, and to provide you with a home that will burst with love. I know this because in my weakness, I will be stronger with Christ. In my most desperate state, I will be humble enough to go on my knees and beg for forgiveness. I vow to allow Christ to work through me so that I may love you not through my own strength but through His will and my obedience. I vow to always ask for your help when I lose my confidence for you are my better half, my princess, my love.

Deanne Bañares Dimacali, will you marry me again, will you allow me to love you, cherish you, adore you and stick by you for the rest of my life? 

I am yours, truly and unconditionally. I love you my wife. I love you with all my heart.