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I'm Deanne.

I'm 26 years old, making me part of the millennial generation. I'm married and unemployed, that combined status makes me a housewife. Before any other stereotype forms in your mind, allow me to add a few more layers of myself. I grew up reading other people's writing and now, I'm writing myself. I have fallen in love many times over for different things: being a woman, my husband, and needless to say, life itself. And I haven't fallen in love with them because they have been easy; rather, it's because they have been beautiful. Beauty has always inspired my words so this blog, my corner in this online world hopes to catch all the trickles of beauty that falls into my life. 

Before forming this blog, I did a few things here and there, hoping to pick up some lessons along the way. I contributed to Candy Magazine, a teen's magazine in Manila, and worked as an editorial assistant for Elle Decoration Philippines and as a bridal manager for Vania RomoffI studied psychology for my undergraduate course and then hopped on a plane to London to walk through the world of fashion history, publishing, and business at Condé Nast College. I also became a volunteer for Pure Fashion, a faith-based organization that focuses on being an authentic woman, and for Real Love Revolution, another faith-based organization that promotes authentic love (yes, I have a thing for authenticity, truth, and all those wonderful things). Looking back, I guess I was never meant to have just one dream. 

So I'm a millennial housewife inspired to write about the different loves of my life, of this life we all have for now. I have this goal to live a life based on my worthiness as woman. If you wish to do the same, contact me, work with me, and connect with me. I can't wait!