Her Year in Review

2016-06-25 17.13.03.jpg

We've decided to begin a tradition: write a new vow to each other every anniversary and read it to the other in front of God. Here's mine.


I remember the day in fragmented, fleeting moments. We were wide-eyed newlyweds basking in the glory of the beautiful sacrament. You in a handsome, tailored suit; me in a lacey, immaculate gown. Us in the center of our circle of family and friends, receiving wishes enough to last a lifetime. A bride and a groom celebrating, dancing, making merry. 

And a year after, here we are: Stripped off the adornment, decoration, and finery characteristic of a wedding day. Removed from the fanciful dreams and delights painted by half-truths. Handed reality, rawness, and vulnerability on a not-so-silver plate. Outsiders will say, ‘What despair!’ But marked with my own blood, I say, ‘What peace!’ 

Because there is nothing that can awash my soul with serenity more than a marriage with you. There were the big adventures: traveling to new worlds, seeing the amazing and the majestic, making memories in foreign lands. But more importantly, there was the ordinary miraculous that you and I only know of: decorating a home, creating a routine, writing about our days, establishing weekend brunch traditions, fighting our fights, making up, dreaming of children, praying on bended knees, cheering for each other. It’s been proven: it’s the tiny things that are beautiful. Because they are the everyday.

We’ve done a lot but we’ve actually only just begun. There are still so many dreams to unfold, things to do, and a marriage to build. I vow to be a nobler wife, prodding you through life with only gentleness and kindness. I vow to laugh with you, without fear of the future. I vow to step into your world and get to know the corners like my own. I vow to be grateful, always, especially during the ugly moments. I vow to never ever give up on our hopes even when they seem impossible, even if they say negative for now.

These are the things you deserve because… wow, what a year you have given me. Thank you teaching me how to be a wife first; how to live my life solely for you; how to clothe myself with a singular, wondrous love directed to you and you alone. Never have I ever thought that I would be taught this breathtaking pursuit so soon in life.  I will never trade it for the world. 

         I’ve heard it said, let your wedding be a wonder. Well I say, let our marriage be a wonder and infinitely more. God knows our first year was exactly that (I think He made sure of that). Happy Anniversary, Buddy! I love you, through the ordinary and the miraculous, always and forever.