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Coming Home

The truth is I am deathly nervous. It’s been a while; it’s been so long since I last sat down alone with my thoughts. Listen, writing is not easy. It’s like a wrestling match in my head. I’m in the ring trying to pin down each fleeting memory, each sacred moment. Sometimes I find myself literally banging my head on the table, forcing a word, a sentence out. Or I close my eyes and place my hands over them to block out everything around me so that I can feel the entirety of the thought. It’s easier not to write; it’s easier to say I can just live through it all…

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Confessions of a Fashionholic

Fashion was my first true love. I hate to admit that most of the time because people think that it's just about #OOTDs, designer labels, and magazines. But I fell in love with it because of its unsung potentiality, of what it can do for the world, of what it can speak about our world. If you think about it, there's so much substantiality behind all the frivolousness. So I made it my mission to be part of the industry to change that image. To remove (most of) the petty glamour and replace it with raw stories and human craftsmanship...

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Playing My Music

It's been a week since I've become solely a housewife. The stereotype these days get it all wrong because no, I haven't been bored, lonely, and in the mall shopping and lunching with the ladies (first of all, there are no 'ladies' to begin with because all my friends are at work or school). I have been productive at home. I sincerely enjoy the time I spend with myself. I only go to the mall to visit the supermarket; I haven't stepped in a Zara in a long, long while. I just told my friend that even though there is no job, there has been so much more to do. 

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