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Confessions of a Fashionholic

Fashion was my first true love. I hate to admit that most of the time because people think that it's just about #OOTDs, designer labels, and magazines. But I fell in love with it because of its unsung potentiality, of what it can do for the world, of what it can speak about our world. If you think about it, there's so much substantiality behind all the frivolousness. So I made it my mission to be part of the industry to change that image. To remove (most of) the petty glamour and replace it with raw stories and human craftsmanship...

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Behind The Scenes

The fashion industry has always captivated me. Ever since high school, I've been an enthusiastic observer of it. From writing articles, styling editorials, and attending classes, I studied fashion because it looked so interesting from my vantage point. I knew that for every brand, there was a designer (or creative director) that sought to create a collection that encapsulated his or her vision for the season. But I never knew what exactly happened between the dream and the product till I finally worked for local designer, Vania Romoff... 

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