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The Thrill Of Monotony

I stumble out of bed with my head disheveled from odd dreams, my eyes squinting from the sunlight. Another dawn, another flip on the calendar, yet it’s the same old, same old story for me.

To Do List: Do the grocery (didn’t I just buy cereals and bread?). Schedule a general cleaning session for the apartment (because no matter how much I clean, it’s still not spic and span). Buy the medicines and toiletries my husband needs (what was it again?). Buy a frame for this painting (this room needs an art piece)…

It goes on and on and on. Facing the long list is daunting but my mind will go haywire if I don’t spill the many contents of it into something else. 

I move seamlessly from errand to errand. After almost two years of being a housewife, I know where to go, whom to talk to, how much it costs. A rhythm has been established. But you know what else? Boredom, repetitiveness, ordinary. I move seamlessly, yet reluctantly. I move efficiently, yet unenthusiastically...

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Playing My Music

It's been a week since I've become solely a housewife. The stereotype these days get it all wrong because no, I haven't been bored, lonely, and in the mall shopping and lunching with the ladies (first of all, there are no 'ladies' to begin with because all my friends are at work or school). I have been productive at home. I sincerely enjoy the time I spend with myself. I only go to the mall to visit the supermarket; I haven't stepped in a Zara in a long, long while. I just told my friend that even though there is no job, there has been so much more to do. 

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