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Redefining Housewife

It's a secret that's been kept from all of us: it's a dangerous world in there. It's not a 9-5, it's not one where I clock in and clock out. It's a place where everything becomes obscure and uncertain. There are no deadlines, no grades to mark my levels of achievement, no ladder to shift up or down. No one told me this before I said yes. No one told me that the my own home becomes a blank canvas once I claim ownership over it, once I slip that special ring into my finger. 

It's a dangerous world in there. Because if I had my way, if it was only my own life, idleness could probably take its peak. Imagine having absolutely no clients to please, no papers to read, no margins to work towards. It's just me and whole a lot of space. Okay, and Netflix, and books, and food delivery, and the Internet. I don't know what that is to you but it looks like a whole lot of binging...

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The Four-Month Checkpoint

We celebrated four months of wedding bliss last week. Four months sounds insignificant compared to the forever we have left but wow, have I learned so much. It's all beyond what I thought could ever happen in this brief a time. 

There is silence, so much of it. When I was single, I would imagine laughs and conversations and reel-worthy moments between me and my future husband. When I got engaged, I couldn't wait to be with him every day so we can talk every single moment. And then we got married and then silence became our best friend. I thought it was a sign of something wrong. Apparently, it was just a sign of something real... 

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Mondays and Me

Mondays are about the little things, the quiet moments, the sacred solitude. 

It's when I kiss my husband goodbye as he leaves yet again. It's when I look at my planner and see what's coming. It's when I say a little prayer for the week that will be.

It's about recooking the leftovers from last week and making them something new. It's going on Spotify to fill the silence and then turning it off to make space for quiet. It's about the afternoon trip to the grocery to refill the pantry lest we go hungry...

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