Mondays and Me

Mondays are about the little things, the quiet moments, the sacred solitude. 

It's when I kiss my husband goodbye as he leaves yet again. It's when I look at my planner and see what's coming. It's when I say a little prayer for the week that will be.

It's about recooking the leftovers from last week and making them something new. It's going on Spotify to fill the silence and then turning it off to make space for quiet. It's about the afternoon trip to the grocery to refill the pantry lest we go hungry.

It's writing, writing, and writing until I can't write anymore. It's catching up on my favorite blog and new book. It's scanning through food magazines for new recipes. 

It's deciding whether to exercise or not when I know I should. It's folding and keeping the laundered clothes in the closet. It's watching the wedding video, again. 

It's about messaging my husband, 'What time will you get home?'. It's about fixing the flowers in the vase and changing the pillow cases. It's about answering the phone call from my mum. 

Mondays have never felt this way, have never played out this way. Mondays have always been about the dreading feeling - school again, work again. There has never been any time to breathe in between the weekend and the weekdays. Mondays have been the mad dash. Hold on, life, I'm catching up! 

But now, Mondays are just what I need. It's when I carve out a circle and step in to recover, to refill. It's when I slow down and dream and be. No need to do, do, do.

I hope you have your own version of Monday. When you do, embrace it, and live in it, fully and sacredly.