Behind The Scenes

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The fashion industry has always captivated me. Ever since high school, I've been an enthusiastic observer of it. From writing articles, styling editorials, and attending classes, I studied fashion because it looked so interesting from my vantage point. I knew that for every brand, there was a designer (or creative director) that sought to create a collection that encapsulated his or her vision for the season. But I never knew what exactly happened between the dream and the product till I finally worked for local designer, Vania Romoff. 

Although I do not directly manage her shows or shoots, being right in the nerve centre of her brand has taught me so much about this weird, wonderful world of fashion. For one thing, you really have to be a creative. It's an innate talent that Vania has displayed countless of times: she sees a fabric or pattern and she knows what to do with it. A client tells her how she wants to look and she can immediately translate her vision into clothing. I've tried to do it myself (just in my head) but I can only go so far. Technicalities are important as well. Dressmaking is a feat close to engineering what with all the sewing, cutting, beading, and pattern making. To be successful in any design field, expert craftsmanship is needed. Vania and her production team have got that down pat (I wish I could say that I do, too, but I would need to go to school again). They know what they need to do to drape, to fold, to create a bias cut, among others.

But the greatest thing I've learned so far is that it takes a village to create. That's why a designer (at least a well-liked and successful one) is always surrounded by a team. It starts with her but all the minute tasks and details trickle down to different people: the stylist, photographer, show director, office staff, accountant manager, sewers, cutters, and finishers. A great designer is humble enough to accept that. 

And apparently, humility goes a long way as I have seen Vania fulfill one vision after another. From creating custom-made clothes to expanding a bridal line, from establishing an e-commerce sector to collaborating with the local industry's greatest for campaigns (such as the beautiful, dreamy A/W 15 campaign above), she is on a meteoric rise. And really, what's not to love about her clothes? In a sea of embellishments and beads, loud and trendy patterns, her pieces stand out. They actually hit quite close to understated, quiet femininity. They're the kind you wear when you want to wear the dress (and not the other way around). Fortunately, everyone's buying into that these days. Thanks for starting a beautiful fashion era, V. Keep it running.

Want more Vania Romoff? Visit her website.

Photography by BJ Pascual.