A Married Kind of Date

How Married People Plan Valentine's Day:

Do you want flowers? Too expensive on this day.

How about a special dinner? In the city? Along with every other couple? 

Oh yeah, remember our second Valentine's? When that restaurant looked like a scene out of a chick flick?

A getaway? I'm pregnant. 

Well, what else? Hmm, didn't I just clean the condo for you today? And didn't I just do the grocery?


I'm not going to sugarcoat it. It's harder to plan Valentine's Day when you're married. Suddenly, the apparently romantic ways just won't do anymore. Maybe it's because you have every day to show your love, other more appropriate ways to express it.

But, of course, it still is Valentine's Day. Let's just do it the old-fashioned way. Go back to the restaurant where we first spent this infamous holiday. Preferably in the day so that it's not too saccharine for our married taste. Eat happily and merrily. Look to more exciting times ahead. 

Read the letters (if there are no flowers and chocolates, there are letters. Always letters):

'So I took a shot of humility, erased the golden expectations, and drowned out the noise of the world and reminded myself that right here, right now, I can lay it all in front of you and write the singular truth... I can't give you what can be measured but I can give you my whole life and your future children. I can create a home for you, a family with you... build a lifetime of adventures, weave the little moments of joy with our hands. I can watch you, help you grow into a man of strength, silence, and holiness...'

'We have been doing a dance since the first day we've met. From ballroom dancing - when we first sat on our bench holding hands and staring at the starry sky - to even a moshpit-like dance when we have our little arguments. What they all have in common is that it is only you and I, our own unique dance with God conducting the music. As we dance our way to our fourth Valentine's, I can never be any happier with you. You have done so much for me, my love. You have done more than you can ever imagine...'

And then just linger, lounge, and love.

Rest in the beautiful truth that we will have the very same, sweet Valentine for the rest of our lives.


P.S. Antonio's never, ever fails us. That steak, the ambiance, that lounge (and that beautiful light and breeze!) was worth the 2-hour drive, as usual. And with all the space and impeccable service, it felt like we were the only couple in the world. Oh, and that coffee ice cream was delicious - and pretty! - too. I can really go on and on about this Tagaytay gem...