Disney Sea/Asakusa

There are many tourist spots inside and around Tokyo. My husband and I chose to go to two of the many:

1. DisneySea: This Disney theme park is unique to Tokyo. Disneyland is just like the other Disney parks around the world but DisneySea is special because they made the worlds of other Disney characters come alive. There's Ariel's underwater world, Aladdin's Arabian village, and the American waterfront, just to name a few. I'm not exactly a ride junkie so my favorite part about DisneySea was the light and water show, Fantasma! I loved it so much that I teared up. It reminded me of all my beautiful childhood memories. That's why going to any Disney theme park is such a treat for me. 

2. Asakusa: Visit this area to get a taste of Kyoto and old-world Japan. The Senso-ji Temple symbolizes Japan's deep adherence to spirituality. The Namaste shopping street is also a feast for the eyes with concessionaires selling a myriad of Japanese street food and goodies. Light a candle, too, for peace, or drop a paper of goodwill. 

Deanne BanaresComment