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I Surrender

We're all used to hearing stories about the bigwigs, the trailblazers, the who's who. But what about the extraordinary stories of the ordinary people? Most of the time, they get lost in the muddle of all the glitz and glam which is a sad thing because these need to be heard and written about. After all, the everyday people - people like you and me - are the ones who make up majority of humanity's web. So with this blog, I've decided to seek these stories. The ones we can all learn from. The ones that show the rawness, the beauty of human life. Here's my first story:

Life is easier when you have a friend going through the exact same thing, they say. In my case, she’s a thousand miles away. Roseanne is a childhood friend of mine. If someone from the future came up to us while we were playing in the village park and told us of our current situations, we would have laughed it off.

But then after we had that long distance, 2-hour phone call a few weeks ago, I think I’ve found a kindred spirit.  The entire conversation left me feeling amazed, to say the least. Not because of the drama and the excitement but because I realized that there is a light in her that is true, and pure, and good. You need to hear her story, listen to her musings. Go, read on...


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