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Bakers Gonna Bake

We're all used to hearing stories about the bigwigs, the trailblazers, the who's who. But what about the extraordinary stories of the ordinary people? Most of the time, they get lost in the muddle of all the glitz and glam which is a sad thing because these need to be heard and written about. After all, the everyday people - people like you and me - are the ones who make up majority of humanity's web. So with this blog, I've decided to seek these stories. The ones we can all learn from. The ones that show the rawness, the beauty of human life. Here's my second story:

When Interviewing Mian Dimacali

(production head of Mary Grace Café, cake designer, self-proclaimed peacock, and most importantly, my sister-in-law)...

1. Turn on the recorder of your phone to make her feel even more awkward. 'Seriously? Okay, now I have to watch what I say!'

2. Get deeply surprised when she says, 'I hated baking! I never wanted to fall into the same mold as my mom. When she would ask me to help her out in the kitchen, I would never understand what she was doing.' Note: You're surprised because she's actually really, really good at baking...

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You CAN Have Your Cake & Eat It, Too

Mary Grace Café has a knack for baking new cake recipes for special occasions. Call it 'limited edition pieces,' if you will. As Mother's Day rolls around, the pressure on them is high. And rightly so as this business was born from the heart of a mother. How were they going to honor the women of our lives this year? The Caramel Vanilla Bean Cake, that's how...

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