Classy Musings 2.0

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I stared at the screen and struggled to wrap my heart around it. It did not fit me anymore. I tried to write on the blog that once was but it felt like it belonged to a woman that once was. It was beautiful; it was pristine. It was perfectly styled and classically cursive. Scrolling led to images worthy of social media virality. There was so much cooking and entertaining and traveling; there were clothes and flower arrangements and baked goodies. I scoffed at the blog, at the woman. Out of jealousy, perhaps? Or nostalgia? Both, probably. 

Well-coiffed I once was but reality asks me to grow into someone new.

My days now consist of changing nappies, cleaning up baby food, and pushing a pram. I wake up to a baby that wants to be picked up and it is non-stop action from there. By the time I put him to sleep, it is time to be a wife and cook and clean. There is not much silence anymore, not much time to try a new recipe, style the product, and have guests over. I don't prance around in dresses, skirts, and heels; I cannot spare a minute to suit my bag to the outfit.

Well-coiffed I once was but reality asks me to grow into someone new: someone who can embrace canvas slip-ons as a daily uniform, who can confidently put on clothes from that ubiquitous Japanese brand again and again, who can post photos of play mats and children's books. But also someone who can still exude a bit of feminine spark when she can: statement earrings there, orchid arrangements here, floral tableware for the guests. Talk about a high-low mix. Motherhood doesn't ask us to give up our identity; it just asks for a little bit of surrender from time to time. After all, I can't possibly run after my spirited son in a dress and heels, right? 

It wasn’t a quiet femininity anymore; it was a spirited one.

So as I slid my feet into the slip-ons, I thought my words must find a suitable home, too. I told the designers that I wanted a sense of femininity underscored by playfulness and confidence. No more of the script, no more of the pink and grey, of the plain and simple. After a couple of months of collaboration, they presented me with a site that made my words feel so much at home, with a design that reflected me as a wife, mother, and woman: a bold logo, a lively color palette, modern elements and scribbles.  It wasn't a quiet femininity anymore; it was a spirited oneAs a mother, my everyday choices lean towards the simple side (i.e. an easy pair of shorts and an easier top for all the errands, please). As for the love? It has grown into a decision more passionate, confident, and vocal; one that is markedly womanly. Thank the Heavens the blog exudes the same spirit, too.

*So much gratitude to Pia Samson for the brand identity and Mags Ocampo for the site design. You are two of our city's most creative; together you're a dynamic duo. Girl power all the way.

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