Of Firsts

Confession: When I tell people I run a blog, I still feel embarrassed a bit. I imagine raised eyebrows and disappointed hearts. A blog, you say? What does that entail? Do you earn from it? (Note: Said in an insinuating tone.) 

Even I asked myself those questions exactly a year ago, when I was about to hit Publish on my very first entry. I didn't even know what I was going to write about; what my 'brand identity' was going to be; or what blogging category it would fall under. I just knew I wanted to write. And that there was lots and lots of fear. 

But in the past year I have realized that the greatest indication of an upcoming miracle is that very emotion itself: fear. Something I have felt countless of times. 

Like right after I said yes to his proposal. Or right before I resigned from my job in fashion. Or two nights before the wedding (I did not sleep that entire night). Or during the very first day of married life. Or when our La Germania stove arrived (because that meant no more excuses of not cooking). Or when I took a baking class. Or when I decided it was time to let go of my very detailed plan for my life (more on that next time). 

You see, there had been so much fear recently. But that's when I knew I had been truly living.

This blog is not my life (if it were, maybe I would have killer traffic but never mind about the numbers). But it is a reminder of it. And I am beyond glad that I have been faithful to it. That through it, I have met so many people, joined communities, strengthened my values, worked with other writers and artists, and somehow, inspired people through the words. In this image-saturated world, I'm doing everything I can to save the art of writing. 

So to mark the special occasion of One! Year!, to celebrate the everyday triumphs, the humble achievements, the new friends, the learned lessons, the written word, I baked some goodies and simply celebrated in the one place where you can find me writing and writing and writing. Of course, it doesn't always look like that. On most days, it's just a clear table and a laptop with me in my house clothes. But you know what? That's the time sparks fly around me like crazy.

So I'm not so embarrassed anymore.

Here's to the Second! Year! There's nothing but joy! 


Thank you to everyone who faithfully reads my blog (even if it's just my husband and my friends, haha!). It's really not me; it's the life I go through and the people I love that carry those words into my heart. 

And of course, thank you to my Blog Husband for taking the photos and to my friend Georgie for allowing me to use her birthday goods. :)