The Design Process

When I committed to the idea of starting a blog, I knew that design had to come into play. The core of Classy Musings will always be the words but considering the image-driven nature of this world, every design facet (i.e. color, logo, font style, etc.) has to be cohesive with one idea. 

So I started with asking myself a few questions: Who am I? What colors speak to me, embody me? If I were a city, a magazine or a fashion brand, what would I be? I don't mean for it to sound philosophical or profound but considering the answers to these questions laid the foundation for the branding of the blog:

Quiet Femininity.

 I have always been attracted to feminine and elegant qualities such as those found in Parisian objects, pastel palettes, cursive fonts, and clean images. I also am fond of purity in design that has just a hint of playfulness, nothing too stiff or minimal. Graphic designer Bea Marquez took note of all these elements and created a mood board (photos above) that inspired the style of Classy Musings

And what a joy the collaboration process turned out to be as Bea sought to create the perfect logo, header, manifesto, and layout that clearly captures the essence of quiet femininityDesign truly has its place in the world as it becomes one of the most effective means to translate a persona, an ideal into a visual form. And really, what's a better feeling than seeing that right before your eyes? 


Mood boards by Bea Marquez.