Do It Yourself

It is quite sad how I've become a bit cynical about Christmas in the past years. Well, not Christmas itself but the traditions that accompany it. All the mandatory gift-giving and dinners and parties have made the malls and roads unbelievably chaotic. So instead of experiencing the season, we just mindlessly whiz through it. Consumerism reaches its peak and when I succumb to it, I walk away bereft of the actual peace and love Christmas is supposed to bring. 

Thankfully, I have more time in my hands this season. When I was drawing up the gift list, I just couldn't imagine shopping in the malls alongside everyone else. The thought of it alone stressed me out. And then I came up with a brilliant beyond brilliant idea (plus points for anyone who knows where I got that line from)... 

Do It Yourself. 

Do It Myself

First things first: Beautiful packaging. I was always a firm believer in the notion that pretty things make the experience more exciting. It's not so much 'It's only the outside that counts' but more of a great appreciation for aesthetics and creativity, and attention to detail. I am such a woman so these things matter to me. Nothing can replace the joy of seeing someone get all wide-eyed when they receive a thoughtfully-presented gift. Although fleeting, the moment is always precious. 

So I searched for pegs, headed to Divisoria, shopped till I literally almost dropped, and then assembled these babies together. After hours of twisting the leaves and berries and sticking them to the boxes with the roses, I felt like my arms were about to fall off and my back was about to give in. The same way my body feels after Christmas shopping in the mall. But it was different because unlike the stress I feel when I come out of a mall, I felt so much joy and accomplishment knowing that I did it myself

For the first time in a long time, I'm awfully proud of the gifts I'll be giving this Christmas for they're not something I just purchased from the shops. They're a true product of my craft, my hands. 

Now, what to place in the box? Well, I'm making them right now. And wow, the waft from the kitchen smells heavenly... 


This blog entry was made especially for my Blogging Your Way workshop. I took everything we learned about photography and styling, particularly shooting in RAW, using my camera settings, playing with natural light, setting a scene, and making a story, and applied the lessons to my Christmas gift packaging story while still keeping my style of subtle femininity.