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Boracay: Island in the Sun

I've been to the island of Boracay a total of four times in my life.

The first was almost two decades ago when it was still immaculate, unspoiled. It was the time when you could get off a boat that docks at the beach front of your hotel (these days, you pass the not so pristine back). I remember it vaguely as I was still a little girl. It was the epitome of childhood summers: sandcastles, pink buckets, frilly swimsuits, happy family.

The second time I remember more, mostly due to silly embarrassment. Tradition has it that after you graduate from high school, and before you go on different routes of life, you and your friends have to create the most epic summer... WITH! BOYS!...

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Tokyo: City of the Future

It was a moment of hushed voices and drawn-out activity. We stepped into the Tsukiji Market at around 10 that morning, eager to see the flurry of bargaining and buying and catching. I looked into the containers of one stall and there was a lonesome group of eel. I looked into another and there was just a mere crab tied up. 'I think we missed it,' my husband pointed out. I caught sight of an owner counting his earnings for the morning. 'Yeah, we did,' I replied. An iconic 3-wheel motorized cart passed by us, transporting what was left of the market. Although it was quite interesting witnessing the remnants of what must have been a teeming and lively interaction, we should have gone earlier... 

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Paris: The Woman In My Dreams

I will never forget the moment I stepped out of Gare du Nord. The summer heat made me a bit uncomfortable but as the Parisian façade finally came to life, all the senses within me left; the only thing that stayed was pure, unadulterated awe.

Paris was a dream of mine for so long that it became elusive. I've traveled to several places, some of them near France but for some reason, I never ended up there. So I would wonder and wonder, 'When would it be my turn to set foot on the city that claims to be the most beautiful?'...

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