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His Year in Review

We've decided to begin a tradition: write a new vow to each other every anniversary and read it to the other in front of God. Here's my husband's.


Dear Deanne,

It has been a year since I read my first vows in front of hundreds of our loved ones and friends. Upon read it again, I was so surprised at how I could write words so inspiring, which serves as a reminder for me to fight the good fight, even when every bone in my body tells me otherwise. I do it because I love you, I love you as how Christ loves the Church.

I know that I have been weak at times,  enough to disappoint you on what marriage is all about. At those moments, I do wish I hadn't written my first vows in the way that I did as I have given myself a high standard. But I would be untrue to myself if I didn't. I would have not given you my whole heart and soul, which isn't fair because you have given me yours, and I feel that everyday. Therefore, I vow to make marriage life a dream come true for you. A marriage that you can be proud of and are willing to share to others...

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Her Year in Review

We've decided to begin a tradition: write a new vow to each other every anniversary and read it to the other in front of God. Here's mine.


I remember the day in fragmented, fleeting moments. We were wide-eyed newlyweds basking in the glory of the beautiful sacrament. You in a handsome, tailored suit; me in a lacey, immaculate gown. Us in the center of our circle of family and friends, receiving wishes enough to last a lifetime. A bride and a groom celebrating, dancing, making merry. 

And a year after, here we are: Stripped off the adornment, decoration, and finery characteristic of a wedding day. Removed from the fanciful dreams and delights painted by half-truths. Handed reality, rawness, and vulnerability on a not-so-silver plate. Outsiders will say, ‘What despair!’ But marked with my own blood, I say, ‘What peace!’ ...

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Redefining Housewife

It's a secret that's been kept from all of us: it's a dangerous world in there. It's not a 9-5, it's not one where I clock in and clock out. It's a place where everything becomes obscure and uncertain. There are no deadlines, no grades to mark my levels of achievement, no ladder to shift up or down. No one told me this before I said yes. No one told me that the my own home becomes a blank canvas once I claim ownership over it, once I slip that special ring into my finger. 

It's a dangerous world in there. Because if I had my way, if it was only my own life, idleness could probably take its peak. Imagine having absolutely no clients to please, no papers to read, no margins to work towards. It's just me and whole a lot of space. Okay, and Netflix, and books, and food delivery, and the Internet. I don't know what that is to you but it looks like a whole lot of binging...

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Decisions, Decisions

Where is it? I was trying my hardest to find it. It wasn't under the rugs, in the past love letters, among the photos and memorabilia. I couldn't find it in our hands, in our shared pantry, in our breakfast eggs. Where could it be then? I had it before... well, we had it before. 

You know, the one that makes loving easy. The one that drives you to surprise each other almost every day. The one that gets you head over heels, puts butterflies in your stomach, and pastes hearts in your eyes. 

Because after almost a year (4 more months till the happy anniversary!) of face-to-face Good Mornings and Good Nights (and believe me, it's not always a chirpy greeting), it dies down a bit along the way.


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Happy Thanksgiving, You

I was scrubbing the mirrors when I locked eyes with myself, catching a glimpse of the woman in the mirror. I had a cleaning spray in one hand, a dirty rag in the other; my hair was up in an unattractive ponytail and I was wearing household clothes. The glimpse was fleeting but powerful. Powerful because it broke my heart, for awhile. I couldn't believe it, that I was spending my mornings this way. While others get to work, power through meetings, and act all... professional. 

And then you came out of the bathroom, looking all shaven and clean, and said, 'Here. Let me take out the trash.' I didn't smile, but my heart did... 

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