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The Four-Month Checkpoint

We celebrated four months of wedding bliss last week. Four months sounds insignificant compared to the forever we have left but wow, have I learned so much. It's all beyond what I thought could ever happen in this brief a time. 

There is silence, so much of it. When I was single, I would imagine laughs and conversations and reel-worthy moments between me and my future husband. When I got engaged, I couldn't wait to be with him every day so we can talk every single moment. And then we got married and then silence became our best friend. I thought it was a sign of something wrong. Apparently, it was just a sign of something real... 

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Morning Rituals

Coffee, I used to smirk at it. I don't need you, I would say. You're only for people with no sense of time and sleep. You're only acceptable when you're mixed in ice cream, in pastries, and smoothies (okay, I meant frappuccinos). Coffee dates were never really coffee dates because I would rest in tea, Chamomile, please

And now, I'm still not a coffee addict. But I look for it, sometimes. Which is something I thought would never, ever happen. 

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Playing My Music

It's been a week since I've become solely a housewife. The stereotype these days get it all wrong because no, I haven't been bored, lonely, and in the mall shopping and lunching with the ladies (first of all, there are no 'ladies' to begin with because all my friends are at work or school). I have been productive at home. I sincerely enjoy the time I spend with myself. I only go to the mall to visit the supermarket; I haven't stepped in a Zara in a long, long while. I just told my friend that even though there is no job, there has been so much more to do. 

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Hello, Wifey

Ring, white lace, Paris, baby. Throughout the engagement, that was my life in my head. In that order, in that fast, quick succession. No breathing, just go. The idea of bringing a newborn into the world fascinated me and my then-fiancé. Oh, the possibilities of a mini me! Oh, what a new and exciting world! I was born (pun intended) ready! 

And then we got married. And then there were only two types of people...

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Our Touchdown

The wedding bliss lasts only for that day. Once I woke up the next morning, I thought, 'Oh, weddings end, too.' There was work to be done. There was a marriage to begin; a house to build. In all honesty, I just wanted to be the bride in a white wedding gown forever and ever and ever. But on this earth, beautiful things can't last that long. Just like that, my husband and I went from groom and bride to nomadic lovers...

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